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Webinars are essential to business communication. Whether you’re hosting a hybrid national conference, virtual sales meeting, or integrating webinars into your customer journeys, connecting with your audience virtually demands a visually stimulating and engaging presentation deck.


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Virtual Event Design Solutions

Being remarkable and memorable while physically absent from the room is a challenge. We’ll help you be both.

Virtual Sales Meetings& Product Demonstrations

Virtual Sales Meetings
& Product Demonstrations

Virtual conferencing platforms like GoToMeeting and ezTalks allow sales teams to connect with prospects anywhere and on any device. However, they only get you to the screen.

Without a clear, succinct, and visually stimulating message or product demo, the probability of salespeople acquiring new clients virtually is slim to none. With the latest scientific research placing memory at the heart of decision-making, sales teams armed with visually stimulating narratives that keep virtual prospects meaningfully engaged see the most success.

Virtual Sales Meetings& Product Demonstrations

Customer Journey
Webinar Presentations

If you harness webinars as marketing touchpoints within your customer journeys, providing a memorable experience is key—regardless of what stage your prospects/customers are in. From awareness through purchase, webinar presentations need to excite, build rapport, and entice prospects into the next stage. Our webinar production service places your audience at the center of the conversation so we know what makes them tick. The result? Meaningful, memorable, and actionable engagement.

Virtual Sales Meetings& Product Demonstrations

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More than 100 presentation design specialists are on hand around the clock to help nail your next webinar. Whether it’s a CEO’s vision webinar or the big online pitch to tie down that multi-million dollar account, we understand how to leverage the web with our storytelling process and design mastery, so that you come out on top.

Virtual Sales Meetings& Product Demonstrations

Sales Presentation and Pitch Decks

We have the ability to bring any conventional sales presentation to life with motion graphics. can help you propel your presentation to a higher level of potential through exceptional storytelling and visuals.

We Know PowerPoint

Take your webinar presentations sales collateral to the next level by showcasing your content through PowerPoint. We provide design, writing, and expertise to businesses and executives that want their webinar presentation collateral to shine. Maximize your ideas and product value by using our customizable branded templates.

A person wearing headphones participates in a virtual conference on a laptop, with four people visible on the screen. The person is seated at a desk with a cup of tea, a notepad, and a container holding pens and markers.
Three overlapping presentation slides appear. The first slide discusses the problem, highlighting bullet points with icons. The second delves into market size with analysis. The third outlines the exit strategy, including acquisition details. A meeting image, possibly from virtual conferences or webinars, is partially visible.




Broadcast everything from graphic visuals to product demonstrations, knowing your supporting materials were crafted specifically for you by the world leaders in presentation design. Transform your online sales pitch into prosperous advertisements with state-of-the-art animation and graphics. PowerPoint is the only tool permitting you to pitch or train online while exploiting interactive visuals.




Customizable branding options elevate your presentation and reinforce your marketing efforts. Boost your web presentation, sales collateral and marketing efforts by requesting a design consultation today.

A pitch deck slide showcasing Onyx's key milestones since 2008, highlighting growth in team and social media presence by 2012. Two luxury cars, one black and one gray, are prominently displayed in the background, emphasizing the automotive theme and marking the introduction of webinars to reach a broader audience.

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