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Customer Feedback

From incubation to an IPO this team knows how to tell a compelling story.

The image shows the distinctive logo of Celularity. Designed by Robert H., it consists of two interlocking shapes—one purple and one teal—forming a continuous loop. Below the shapes,
A man with short, dark hair and a graying beard, identified as Robert H., is wearing a dark blue suit with a sky-blue shirt and a pink patterned tie. He is standing in front of a stone wall and looking directly at the camera.

Co-founder & CEO

Enterprise sales teams have evolved in recent years and a well designed pitch deck is essential to maximizing success. has assisted us in every touchpoint we have with our customers.

The image displays the Sunkist logo, featuring the brand name
Gregor S., a man wearing glasses and a light blue dress shirt, is holding a large box and smiling at the camera. The background appears to be an industrial or warehouse setting with dim lighting.

VP Sales

The pitch deck specialists at are exceptional. If you’re not using them you’re going to be left at a disadvantage right out of the gate.

Logo for Recovery Brands designed by Jeffrey S. featuring three interconnected circles on the left with icons: a magnifying glass in a white circle, a person in a green circle, and a house in a blue circle. The text

In today’s competitive commercial real estate development market a high-end pitch book is an absolute must… The team delivers every time we partner with them.

Logo for Henrich Properties featuring a stylized geometric 'H' in shades of blue on the left and the company name 'HENRICH PROPERTIES' in blue capital letters on the right, inspired by Benjamin H.'s design philosophy.
Ben Henrich in a blue suit and tie stands outside, with a cloudy sky and greenery in the background. He has short dark hair and a slight smile, looking confidently into the distance. It's clear that Benjamin H. is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.

President & CEO

Knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly talented team. I’ll be using them again and again.

Abnormal Beer Co logo with the company name in bold black letters stacked vertically. Designed by Elvin L., the word 'CO' is partially underlined in orange.
A man with short black hair and glasses, wearing a dark suit jacket, white shirt, and purple tie, is smiling. Elvin L. is standing in front of a modern glass-ceiling hallway with a curved design and metal framework.


These guys are the original pitch deck rockstars. Unreal design and support.

The image features the word
A man with short, dark hair and a light beard is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a dark gray shirt with a white collar. The background is plain gray, giving it a professional touch—perfect for Nadav W.'s personal brand.

Founder & CEO completed my first capital raise deck in 2008 for BringIT. The company was subsequently sold to IGT. I highly recommend the outstanding service, unparalleled design, and strategic expertise the team at comprises.

The image showcases the logo of Extend. The word
A man with short dark hair is wearing a white button-up shirt. He is facing the camera, and the background is plain white. He has a neutral expression on his face, reminiscent of a classic portrait of Woodrow L.

Founder and CEO