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What Your SaaS Prospects Subconsciously Want (and Need) from Your Sales Pitch

February 19, 2020 / Blog


The SaaS tech industry is one of the biggest sectors in the world and shows no signs of slowing down. New players from every corner appear each day, all of whom claim to bring the “hottest” product on the market.  

This hyperbolic sales pitch is a very common practice but is ultimately a misguided one. For a business to land big prospects, their sales pitchhas to deliver more than just big claims. Because the market is so crowded with new products, audiences need to see an extra bit of flair to really sell them on something new.  

At, we know what it takes to make your pitch deck match your cutting edge idea and we’ve helped countless clients succeed once they had their foot in the door. 

Prospects will tune into pitch decks that are unique and standout. How can you carefully create a pitch that successfully sells your business?


Engage Visually  

Humans are naturally visual creatures. One of the most common mistakes people make in their sales pitch is their overreliance on text. Blocks of text are not only unappealing to look at, but they can also be counterproductive. Why overexplain when you can say so much with just an image? After all, our brains can process images in just under 13 milliseconds.  

By adding more visual flair to your pitch deck, you automatically make it easier for audiences to connect with what you’re selling. Since people are more likely to be visually-oriented learners, images help make your pitch more memorable.


Concise Message 

Everyone likes to talk big when making a sale. But when everyone is talking big, then no one ever truly stands out. Instead of trying to speak with the loudest voice in the room, speak with a purpose. Condense the content of your pitch deck to the very essential pieces of information. There will be cases when you’ll be speaking to very powerful people who have very little time on their hands. The faster they are able to understand what you offer, the faster they can decide on when to start buying. 

Take the time to carefully curate your slides with content that best fits the interests of your audience. Put yourself in their place and consider what you’d like to hear and see from a sales pitch. Having even just a small grasp of their mindset will help you in the process of refining your sales pitch.


Rehearse Before the Big Meeting  

There’s a stark difference between a well-practiced presenter and one who prefers to wing it. While some do prefer to do things on the fly, the style tends to devolve into stammered ramblings that fail to effectively get the point across. Practice runs help you clean up your delivery. The more you run through your pitch, the more likely you’ll catch areas that could use improvement. Once your delivery is perfected, you’ll have no problem projecting the right information to your audience.  

High-level clientele will know a practiced speech when they see it. This will reflect your commitment to mastering the facets of your business. While this may not directly affect the content of your pitch deck, your confidence as a presenter will play a large part in successfully selling your business to new partners.

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