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What Your Investor Deck Needs (But Doesn’t Have)

September 11, 2019 / Blog

An office desk with a laptop displaying a question mark, an orange mug, a plant, and a chair. Text on the image reads, "What Your Investor Deck Needs (But Doesn’t Have).

Your pitch deck tells your story to investors.

But like any story, it can be told poorly.

Many people struggle with choosing what information to lead with, but selecting the right points will captivate your audience throughout your presentation.

At, we help people develop and design pitch decks that stand out.

Over the years, we have discovered two things that that most people overlook when planning their overall content. Blog Module Three

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To make sure your story gets proper introduction, here are two things that will instantly create relevancy and credibility when standing in front of investors:

Establish the Presentation’s Main Character

Every story needs a main character. Many presenters make the mistake of believing it’s them. In fact, the main character should be the demographic most affected by your efforts—the person most likely to buy your product or living in your service area.


Once they have a clear picture of the end-user, when you introduce your product or service, the usefulness will become apparent. This relevancy will help the investor imagine your success very plainly.

Market Data Sets the Scene for Your Investor’s Presentation

Market data is often saved for the end of a pitch. People draw upon this information like it reinforces everything they have said to this point.

The market is the setting for your story. Everything takes place there. Have you ever heard of a good story that waits until the final act to tell you where it takes place?

Leading with market data early in your presentation communicates fertile ground for investing.

It states the opportunity in a very broad sense so that you may put a finer point on it with what you are offering. It says, “Here is what everyone else is doing and how I am using this knowledge to my advantage…” rather than, “Here’s what I am doing. Many people are doing something different and being met with plenty of success.” After all, you want the attention to sharply focused on you, not inviting the audience to look around before you ask them to invest.

Don’t Hide What Everyone Already Knows

“What about when the market is poor?” you might ask. This is an even better reason to share early. Often when the vertical market is not considered a selling point, it doesn’t make the presentation at all. The result is an elephant in the room. The second you leave your audience to think over your proposition, their market concerns will creep in and undermine all your hard work.


Leading with market data, particularly if it’s less than ideal, allows you to tell your investors how you’re prepared to thrive in that market.

It says you are aware of the circumstances and are still confidently moving forward. It also serves to move on from the topic rather than allowing the audience to ruminate upon it.

It even attaches a narrative that stems from it so when they think, “sales in this industry are down…” their recollection draws them into what makes you so confident, rather than allowing the train of thought to die there. Blog Module One

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That confidence will ultimately make it easier for them to invest.

Does Your Presentation Have Everything?

What else does your presentation need? The right story is only the beginning. Dynamic visuals professionally designed can make anything captivating. Whereas slide after slide of well-intended but misguided attempts can make your presentation seem more like amateur hour.

At, we ensure that every aspect of your investor presentation is pristine and ready to go. We’ve helped more than 3,000 clients create presentations for investors, sales meetings and internal projects. We help you tell your story better.

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