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The Top 3 Ways to Win Over Your Boss with Pitch Deck

December 2, 2013 / Blog

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Presenting to your boss, in any situation, can be a very nerve racking and stressful process. Of course some of the steps you can take to win them over would be to do your homework and prepare adequately, and dealing with bosses with extreme expectations, say for example The Office’s Michael Scott can be tricky. So how do you exactly ‘wow’ your boss with a great pitch deck presentation? Follow these specific steps for a pitch deck  that will leave your boss impressed.


Keep A Specific Slide Maximum

You should plan on having no more than 15 slides- maximum! Too lengthy of a pitch deck will cause your boss to lose interest-fast and as Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Use Metrics

Utilizing the appropriate data while encompassing this information with graphs and charts is essential in broadcasting your knowledge on the particular subject. Double check your facts in research with other sources before presenting. Showing your analytical skills through graphics and visuals will allow for you as the presenter to elaborate on these ideas within your pitch deck.

Leave Behind

Always come with the essential materials, make sure you have a printable copy of your pitch deck and or a downloadable PDF for your boss to further review, this will also show them you are prepared. Professionally printed executive brochures will place you a step ahead of the rest.

Though everyone knows Michael Scott may be the most irrational boss that ever came across national television, he does encompass some ordinary superior traits we can all relate too. The more advanced your pitch skills are, the better impression you will leave on your boss, showing your technical, marketing and basic research skills.

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