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Save Time and Effort: 3 Reasons to Use Pitch Deck Templates

June 1, 2015 / Blog

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A personalized pitch deck always gets the job done, but what if you suddenly need a brand new deck ASAP? There’s a secret weapon to finish your slides before the deadline: custom pitch deck templates.

Don’t let the term fool you, as they don’t need to look bare-as-bones, uninspired, and boring.

They still come in variations that are tailored to different needs. Blog Module One

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According to LogoYes founder, John Williams, creating a recognizable company brand requires you to project the image you want clients to associate with your company in all customer touchpoints. This includes your company logo, tagline, and yes—even pitch deck templates.

Making use of templates allows you to reflect your company brand on the slide, and are available for repurposing when unpredictable deadlines strike.

They save time.

Pre-designed slide sets save you hours by not needing to worry about what goes into them.

After deciding on your content, you can plug it into a ready-made deck and run with it, giving you more time to polish your writing. Just make sure not to put too much text on your slides.

They offer consistency.

Speedy pitch deck creation isn’t the only advantage of using templates.

These also ensure visual consistency, making your slides look professional. With quality in mind, every detail exists to speak best to an audience, keeping unnecessary fluff out.

However, don’t equate consistency with dullness.

There are many existing custom slides to fill different communication and storytelling niches. Pick one that best matches your general need.

Afterwards, change small details such as the colors and arrangement to better reflect your branding and intended message.

They can be repurposed.

Templates are well-made with flexibility in mind, making them applicable to varying values and visions, as well as differing purposes and assignments.

One won’t suit all occasions, but can be repurposed for future emergencies.

Anyone can finish a pitch deck within a few hours, but truly polished decks take more time. Well-customized templates are investments that ensure better results. Always prepare for emergency situations with custom pitch deck templates. Blog Module Two

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