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Paul Boross: The 7 Secrets of a Successful Business Pitch

July 7, 2015 / Blog

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Competition exists in every business. It’s what drives them to introduce new and original ideas that stand out from those of other companies.

To achieve this, make a pitch that brings positive results. Blog Module Three

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Your pitching style, delivery techniques, and body language are other important elements in getting your message across.

Craft your message’s content in an engaging and powerful way to convince your clients when starting your business proposal. This gives them an idea that you’re interested and you know your subject matter well.

Pitch like Paul

In his book, “The Pitching Bible,” Paul Boross revealed seven secrets of a successful business pitch. With over twenty-five years of experience in business, psychology, and performing arts, Boross has been recognized as the Pitch Doctor, having trained politicians and business professionals to deliver effective messages.

Develop your business pitch with his seven secrets:

Secret 1: It’s All About Them

Your audience is your pitch’s main focus. They’re the reason why you’re presenting.

Know what they need and propose a strategy to convince them to buy your ideas. This is to show that you care about them and their concerns.

Secret 2: By the Time You Start, It’s Already Too Late

Your pitch begins when your audience decides to attend, not when you introduce yourself and show your first slide.

Meet their expectations before your performance starts by coming in well-prepared. If they can see that you’ve spent time doing your research and practicing your speech, they’ll decide that listening to you is a good use of their time.

Secret 3: Steady, Ready, Pitch!

Before you speak, breathe deeply to ease your anxiety. Establish a good relationship with them before you even begin by showing you’re comfortable with your audience.

Engage them by telling a story or by asking questions that require their participation.

Secret 4: Dream the Dream

Since your goal is to connect with your audience, your idea should appeal to their emotions.

While you present your facts and figures, incorporate stories that build an emotional connection. Though business pitches should be professional, having a genuine connection will help them remember your message.

Secret 5: Mind Your Language

Your business pitch’s content is as important as your body language. Though nonverbal communication greatly influences your message, your verbal language also plays a vital role in motivating your audience.

Since they look for things that benefit them, apply “benefit because feature” to generate interest. This helps you connect with their needs and address their concerns.

Secret 6: Say It Again, Sam

Repetition is significant when talking about your main points. It helps your audience recall your message by reiterating it in different ways.

More than words, tell your message by means of how you dress, how you interact with them and give them a good impression.

Secret 7: The End… Or Is It?

Your pitch isn’t limited inside the boardroom and doesn’t end after you’re done speaking.

Motivate your audience by making them feel that they want more. Distribute handouts or other forms of white paper to help them remember your message.

Doing a follow-up is vital especially when you want to give updates. You can also listen to your client’s side and get to know them better by networking.


Write a more powerful pitch that benefits both you and your audience by mastering these seven secrets.

Your pitch begins before the actual date you’ll be speaking. Being prepared lets you draw your audience to your message because they understand that you care about meeting their needs. This increases your chances of winning more of your clients’ business the next time you present.

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