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Are Your Company’s Sales Pitches Harnessing Basic Marketing Principles? They Should Be

February 12, 2020 / Blog


Marketing is the backbone of business. It is how communication lines between businesses and consumers are formed. All of the world’s biggest companies would not have achieved their prominence without the support of a masterfully crafted marketing plan. Regardless of product or industry, the principles of marketing are focused on creating connections to generate more sales for the company.  

At, we specialize in an unsung, yet powerful marketing tool: Pitch Decks. Our team of expert pitch deck designers is fully trained to craft pitch decks that help our clients sell their business in the boardroom. Even when content may seem too much to contain, we always find ways of enhancing the very best aspects of our clients to deliver amazing pitches. Blog Module Three

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It’s critical for businesses to present a consistent voice in their marketing strategies. Whether they are connecting with consumers or potential investors, the overarching principles of marketing are always the same: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. In this article we will discuss how marketing’s four P’s apply to creating winning pitches.



Target markets may vary, but the end goal of almost every business is to sell products. The structure of your sales pitch should effectively showcase what you are offering and how it’s different from the rest. Whether you’re pitching to potential investors or consumers directly, your slides must clearly present information in a concise and digestible manner. The more your audience understands your product and its value, the more likely they are to purchase.  

To give life to your product, craft a narrative for your Pitch Deck. This should build on the ideas of how your product fits into the needs of your audience. A narrative makes it easier for audiences to connect with your message and develop a more meaningful understanding of what you are offering. 


Once you provide the details of your product, you must then name your price. This will be the tipping point for most audiences. This makes it important to be transparent with them throughout your pitch. Especially if you are speaking to potential investors, you will need to explain clearly where their money will be going and how it will directly affect the quality of the product. For consumers, they will want a breakdown of why your product is worth their money and if it will truly add value to their lives. Blog Module One

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The success of a business depends on more than just the quality of the product. Your sales pitch should illustrate the marketing and advertising plans you have for your product. Your audience will want to know exactly how you plan on getting consumers to buy your products. Otherwise, what value is there in a product that no one knows about? With a sound plan to boost your visibility, investors can get a clearer scope of how your product can generate income in the future.  



Just because a pitch deck ends does not mean your sales pitch does, too. Provide your audience with clear directions on how to reach you afterwards. This “place” can be via email, website, or mobile numbers. It will be important to your audience knowing that you’re accessible in order to start doing business. By directing your audience to where they can reach you next, you will subliminally challenge them to make the next move. This engages them to keep the conversation going and further develop the connections you’ve built through the pitch. Knowing where and how they can reach you will be important for audiences to hoping to reach out. is Your Pitch Deck Expert 

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