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3 Reasons to Get Professional “HELP!” with Your Sales Pitch

August 28, 2019 / Blog


Your sales pitch deck is a reflection of your brand. For all the people who feel like they really “get” pitch decks, few do. When you’re standing in front of a prospective customer, is that when you want it to be clear you don’t get it as much as you thought? If it’s clear to your customer that you’re unaware of what makes a quality pitch deck, they may wonder if you understand what makes a quality project.

Creating a winning sales pitch deck takes more work than most people realize. We’ve all experienced a “bad” pitch deck, either as the audience or presenter. Let’s consider some of the most common red flags. Basic themes. Crowded slides. An overabundance of useless information that you think is vital.

These things can be hard to identify yourself. They’re difficult for friends or co-workers to advise on.

At, we help people like you. We have seen a lot of rough pitch decks that people have poured their heart into. We know what it takes to bring a pitch deck from where it is to where it needs to be.

Many people we speak to are looking for help but aren’t sure if they should put something so important, and often so personal, in the hands of someone else. Here are reasons why you should get the help of professionals for your next sales pitch.


Design Isn’t as Easy as Professionals Make it Look

Graphic design is more complicated than most people realize. But grabbing a few high res images from the internet is neither the beginning nor end of the graphic strategy for your deck. Finding the right image to fit the feel you are going for can takes hours to find. Even longer to create. And the image you ultimately find might work perfectly for that one slide, but not mesh well with the other slides, creating a sense that your pitch deck has been hobbled together. Blog Module Two

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Professional designers don’t just find the right image for the slide, they find the one that works as a part of a larger piece. In the end, that’s what you need. They alter the visuals, so they highlight your message and illustrate your point, without veering from the overall message.

Underestimating the skill needed to select and adapt the correct visuals can be a grave mistake that sinks your pitch deck before you ever even get a chance to speak. Professional designers have years of education to inform their eye and intuition. itself has a dedicated academy to make sure that your pitch deck is the visual envy of everyone.


What Does Your Sales Pitch Deck Say?

No one knows your story like you do. That can be a tremendous help when speaking but a fatal hindrance when writing. Too often people struggle to see the forest for the trees. They see every piece of information as unique and vital but are blind to how they are crowding their slides with words that will ultimately go unread.

When a slide is filled with too much copy, not only does it choke out the design, it overwhelms the audience. Reading becomes less likely. A viewer may even feel a sense of stress or anxiety while your is on screen. These are two things you do not want associated with your brand.

The amount of information you show onscreen, or even if your message is coming across clearly, will make or break your sales pitch deck. A professional copywriter can help you to identify whether there is too much, too little, or even help you by writing the words that were already on the tip of your tongue. The last thing you want to be explaining during your pitch is what you actually meant when you wrote what’s on the screen.

Professional Designers Give You What Cannot Be Bought 

Time is a commodity you cannot waste. The truth is, even pitch decks that look like they were just thrown together at the last minute are often the product of hours of someone’s hard work. Having a professional at the reins can allow you to focus on collecting data, scheduling appointments or just plain relaxing.

Hiring a pitch deck specialist can also help you gain perspective. It’s easier to see what can be improved when someone else has done the work. The iterative process means that you can see the work as it comes together, providing feedback, guiding the direction and gaining insight that might otherwise escape you.

SG_3ReasonsToGetProfessionalHelp_SupportingImage03_SG01_BIH Creates Pitch Decks for You

Did all of that seem like too much to handle? If you are still drawing blanks about design, contact us and we can help create your next sales pitch deck! From pitch decks to animated marketing videos, we specialize in professionally crafted pitch materials for businesses to generate positive results. Blog Module Three

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