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3 Leadership Qualities That Spice Up Corporate Pitch Decks

August 31, 2015 / Blog

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Great leaders are the world’s most influential people. Presidents, CEOs and other senior-level executives are chosen for their leadership and charisma. These professionals know exactly how to handle both themselves and their colleagues. Since they understand how people generally behave, they’re able to manage them effectively.

But what do powerful leaders and persuasive presenters have in common?

Speakers Can Be Powerful Leaders

“Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership.” – James Humes

A good public speaker is also capable of being a good leader. However, it takes proper training and serious practice to be an effective presenter. While it’s true that skills can be acquired, having the proper attitude and behavior can make a bigger difference.

One’s character is more important than his abilities. A speaker can’t be at his best if he ignores proper ethical guidelines. This is why it plays a vital role in any type of communication: to build a meaningful connection and establish a good relationship with your audience.

While everyone can lead, not everybody can lead effectively. Here are three leadership qualities that speakers can apply when giving their pitches:

1. They Are In Control of Their Emotions

Presenters who are deeply conscious about how they behave and address their audience display full understanding and respect. They know what emotions to keep in check and what to project in public.

They’re also trained on how to properly handle negative feedback or ignore distractions that interrupt their performance.

As a speaker, you should learn the significance of being authentic while keeping a sense of professionalism. Playing to your passions also helps you control your pitch deck’s flow and finish it successfully.

2. They Are Competent

Leaders captivate listeners and possess skills that inspire their colleagues or constituents. They can’t do this alone, so they also have effective management skills. This helps them spread their message farther, and accomplish their goals easier.

Presenters who know their strengths don’t undermine their colleagues. Given their proficiency, they still strive to improve their abilities and learn new skills. As a speaker, find time to develop your potential.

3. They Are Opportunity-Seekers

Presenters who want to be successful don’t settle for what they have. They aim for the best. They don’t hesitate to grab opportunities that’ll help them achieve their main goal – to connect with their audience. This will also allow them to successfully engage them and hopefully improve their lives.

As a speaker, you should know how to give your audience win-win situations to build strong relationships.


Like great leaders, effective presenters know when to be passionate and when to be professional. They are also aware of their skills, yet still drive themselves constantly towards self-improvement. Most of all, they don’t hesitate when given the right opportunities, and can turn any situation to their benefit.

Learning how leaders take advantage can be applied to your performance as a speaker. Use them as inspiration to enhance your skills for more powerful corporate pitch decks.

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5 things great speakers and great leaders have in common